Wednesday, April 24, 2013

One Month

 And what a month it has been!
In my head I had rainbows and puppies pictured while in all reality it has been rough.
Adelaide is a great baby and for that I am thankful. The other issues we will work through and conquer.
I praise God EVERY DAY that this baby does not have colic, EVERY SINGLE DAY!
 She is not growing ... we're working on that. I'm pretty sure breastfeeding is my full time job right now and I should be getting about $200 per hour.
At her one month check up she was 8lbs even {8 ounces under birth weight}, 21 inches {same as at birth} and her head cir. is 14 3/4
 She is a sweet, happy baby!
Loved by all of her big sisters.
She is always serious but we're hoping to see a smile in the next few weeks.
She already looks at her Daddy like he's absolutely crazy {I have a feeling that, that look might stick around!}
We are so thankful for sweet Adelaide Elizabeth and can't imagine our family without her!

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