Thursday, April 11, 2013

Time is Zipping ...

 It's hard to believe that our sweet Adelaide will be 3 weeks old tomorrow! The time with her home has been crazy and emotional and hard and joyful. There has been hundreds of kisses and hugs and Kate has made up a new song, "Baby Addi don't you cry, Mommy and Daddy love you!" it's sweet and yet I loose my temper when I hear it for the 9 millionth time before 11AM. It's all about grace right now and saying sorry sometimes. Every day is better and for that I'm thankful.

 I'm grateful for the help that we have received, the meals that have been brought in {from complete strangers even}! The quick road trip my dad and 2 of my sister's made to spend just 24 hours with us. I'm thankful that my mom sacrificed 2 weeks of her life to be with us and take care of us and then on the day she left Jeremy's mom willingly showed up to love on us for a week. Giving me time to heal and rest and adjust. I think I'm ready for my solo flight coming up! At least in my head I'm ready :)

 The bigs, as we now call them, are adjust so well! I'm thankful and praying that their happy hearts continue. The girls are still HUGE helpers, cheerfully doing most things that I ask of them. Reed has just been happy, which honestly is much better than we expected!

So, time is zipping by! It could slow down just a little as my baby is changing already.
These days are fleeting and I'm trying to enjoy each moment. Even the ones that are filled with a little pain or a few tears ... and I'm so thankful that Jeremy is right there by my side through each moment!

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