Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer Recap

 Lots of baby snuggles!
& time spent reading
 Mornings at the splash pad before it is too hot
& early morning bike rides or walks to get our muscles warmed up
 An evening at a Kiddie Park where $15 lasted us 2 hours with 3 kiddos riding every ride
& evenings doing science lessons with Daddy
 Watching movies now and then
And wrestling with Daddy
 Celebrating the 4th of July with new friends (& CC buddies)
Joining a new church and finally feeling like we have found a place to serve!!
 Swimming ... lots of swimming
& trips to the library plus 2 summer reading programs
 VBS, music camp & science camp
tents in the living room and baking with our Easy Bake oven!
Turning 4 months, rolling over and gaining "rolls"
It has been a busy, fun filled summer with only 2 weeks to go before our fall schedule kicks off!

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