Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Week in Our Life

 Our week contained lots of games like Memory (also Go Fish and a fun dice game called Math's all about adding and subtracting). The girls are getting so much better and it's a great brain game to start our days with. We're to the point where we don't have to "let them win."
 Our science curriculum through CC is focusing on earth science so we're learning about rocks and the layers of the earth, mountains and volcanoes still to come. Daddy took the kids on a rock hunt! We also made rocks out of crayons this week and the girls showed them off during presentation time at CC on Thursday. I need to record a CC presentation time, it's so interesting with a room full of 5 & 6 year olds :) 
 Jeremy has been great at getting the kids outside (thankfully it's been plenty warm here in OK). In the above picture they are actually using the metal detector to search for treasure!
 When we haven't been fighting Influenza B we've squeezed in learning/sorting our colors and working on our phonics/reading/spelling. Emma has almost finished our Kindergarten spelling program and is begging everyday to do more! I'm hopeful that we might have a reader on our hands!! Kate is struggling but I know we will find our grove with reading and we're seeing daily improvement ... it's just a little slower.  

 Reed working on filling up his reading chart! He has to be read at least 3 books a day (the girls can even read to him some of their books) ... plus he joins us in our Bible Study every morning and he gets a chapter every night before bed. He loves counting his stickers & is showing signs that he's ready to start working on phonics!
We had a tea party one day for snack. It's a favorite of the kids :)
It has been a long week with illness and tired and grumpy people (mostly the 32 week pregnant momma)! I'm thankful for forgiveness and grace every day and I'm so thankful that I get to spend my days with these crazy, adorable people!

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