Friday, January 18, 2013


I or should I say we?!!?
(the difference 10 weeks makes!)

1. Have started teaching a photography/yearbook class at our local homeschool co-op! It's full of 12 teenage girls and OH MY! I swear in 45 minutes they say 3 trillion words.
2. Have been craving graham crackers in milk & oranges
3. Have been playing the piano again with my chubby, swollen fingers and it feels amazing to be reading music again
4. Am loving the baby kicks and will miss them. This pregnancy is moving too fast
5. Am busy planning our school year for 2013/2014! It'll start in July and I'm excited and motivated and pray that I can keep up with all of our lofty plans!!
1. Loves playing the piano
2. Loves wrestling with his Daddy and will literally jump from furniture and land on his dad!
3. Is showing signs that he is ready to learn and I'm excited
4. Talks with his baby sister and then will ask questions about her ... & is really confused that she's stuck inside
5. Plays with cars and Legos and Batman toys and can't get enough of them
1. Is a reading machine and will tell us at least once a day that she loves reading (YAY!!!!)
2. Dresses herself in the most interesting outfits
3. Is really enjoying her sewing kit
4. Is struggling with our adjustments and backing out of some commitments until the baby comes. It's not always easy adding a baby sister but she'll get there.
5. Asks to go to the splash pad ... hello kiddo it's 35* outside!
1. Is looking forward to his dad and brother joining us in OK for a fun weekend of fishing and other manly things
2. Is working his butt off  as always
3. Is so supportive. He jumps to help whenever I need it. He is picking up my slack and is making plans to sacrifice more of his time when Ziggy arrives ... He's great & I'm blessed
4. Is dreaming of fishing
5. Is loving our new Sunday night schedule: Homemade pizza & video games. It's a great family night, even if our 5 year old is the ruler of the control!
1. Got new glasses and we can tell that they are working better because she is asking to wear them OFTEN!
2. Is showing HUGE jumps with her learning and we are so proud of her
3. Is such a helper. She is a true blessing
4. Is working on getting tooth #2 out and dreaming of another visit by the tooth fairy
5. Sings to Ziggy ... did I say I'm not ready for this pregnancy to be done. All these sweet moments will be missed
1. Will join us in 9 short weeks
2. Only moves when she can't hear her siblings ... she's like clock work
3. Rarely gets hiccups
4. Finally has a name!! And I'm thinking it'll be perfect & more importantly her Daddy loves the name
5. Is already so loved!

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