Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Let's Play Catch-up

Reed has been loving Lego and car adventures/explosions/crashes, etc.! He plays with these for hours a day. He also has a Lego book that consumes much of his day! This big  guy has also started working on letter recognition. Nothing formal, just tracing letters & coloring but he loves to do school while the girls are busy with their work. 
 I read some great books over Christmas break that has completely encouraged/changed our homeschool! We hit the ground running the week of New Years {when I wasn't dying of sinus pressure}. there has been a fabulous schedule established, no TV, limited computer/phone time for MOM & DAD, and LOTS of reading. It has been a great few weeks and hopefully I've created a routine that we can keep when the sweet baby joins us in just 9.5 short weeks!
 Above, Professor Dad is teaching them about crystals in his best Julia Childs voice...they thought it was AMAZINGLY funny :) After about a week our crystals have grown to look like snow. Unfortunatley, that might be the only snow we get this year.

 Please excuse my dirty mirror...This is me at 30 weeks pregnant with sweet Ziggy! I'm feeling so great and not ready for this pregnancy to be over. I might change my mind soon but right now I'm just enjoying what most likely will be my last pregnancy.
 For Christmas the girls received a zip line! They have spent hours hanging from the handles and running into trees! Such a fun way to spend our afternoons and work those big muscles.

These two monkeys have been wiggling loose teeth like their lives depend on it! Our poor tooth fairy needs a stash of quarters for these two who seem to be competitng in the tooth falling out department.

& that's it!
No major changes but a great start to 2013!

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  1. A wonderful way to start the new year!! We need to get on board with the limited TV/Movie time!