Friday, September 20, 2013

Extra Curriculars!

 As we were planning out our school year we have decided that it was the year to start the "extras"
{that was a crazy idea!}
So we jumped in ...
Emma is taking piano lessons and loving it!
 On top of CC, Friday Co-op and Wednesday night church all 3 big kiddos are participating in a weekly Spanish class that we host in our home with about 6 other kids! We found a fabulous teacher and they are LOVING it!!
 Reed started soccer and then continues to wear his shin guards after "games" on Saturdays! They might be this seasons, "yellow boots"
Miss Kate is taking a combo tap/ballet class. She adores her teacher and is loving every minute of her 1 hour class.

Jeremy is also taking a Kung Fu class twice a week. Someday he'll let me take pictures. He tests for his next belt/sash color this week! 

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