Wednesday, September 25, 2013

On 8-22-13 she WAS 5 months

 Sweet Adelaide is a beautiful baby. She has the best smiles, the best belly laugh and gives the most slobbery kisses!
 The big kids adore her and smother her and she tolerates them. But when she has had enough she will definitely let us know!
 I'm grateful that most days she still sleeps through the night!
Nap times are becoming more dependable too. YAY for schedule!!

 What little hair she has definitely has a red tint to it, which makes Great Grandma Reed so very happy!
She's a mommy's girl and I'm so okay with that!

 Happy belated 5 months baby girl!
You're our fabulous caboose or Sweet Ladie-beth as Daddy calls you :)

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