Monday, September 23, 2013

She's 7!

 2 weeks ago our sweet girl turned 7. Hello?! How is that even possible.
She had planned her birthday day for weeks! She wanted to go to the aquarium, to Bass Pro {Jeremy swears he had NOTHING to do with that request!}, out to lunch at Arby's and she wanted drums!
Her wishes came true and to make her special day even better she brought along her Uncle K9 and Aunt Kelsey from Nebraska!!

 At 7 Kate loves:
the color purple
music {it is how she learns best}
She has just taught herself how to tie and she loves showing off this new skill
she loves, LOVES mashed potatoes and gravy
helping with her baby sister
meeting new people, no one is a stranger

We love you Miss Kate the Great! And are so excited for a brand new year with you!

 Daddy made this cake! I'm so glad he started this tradition and not me!!

Her new ballet gear from Gramps and Grammy!

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  1. We LOVED spending her special day with her! And spending the weekend with you guys! Love ya'll!