Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December Daily: Advent

 This is our first year creating advent activities. I bought a fun little program called The Truth in the Tinsel
I probably could have come up with daily crafts and Bible readings but this was so, so much easier!
We started on December 1 by reading the book of Isaiah and talking about how Jesus is the light of the world!
The daily Bible readings have brought up lots of great conversations that I'm so thankful for!
 Making our lights on Day 1
 Making crowns for the Prince of Peace on Day 2!
 I'm 100% sure that we won't make every craft but we will be as dedicated as possible.
I'm determined to not buy any craft supplies but to modify what we have on hand. Because it's not about the best crafts but about keeping our Christmas focused on Christ!

As we create our ornaments we are putting them on a small tree in Kate & Emma's room! A tree we are borrowing with a star on top that Jeremy & Kate made!
It's simple but it's helping us celebrate Jesus just a little more!

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