Sunday, December 2, 2012

December Daily: Our First Science Fair!

 Our homeschool group hosted a fun science fair on Nov. 30!
Since Jeremy is our "science teacher" he jumped on board with my crazy idea to have the girls participate!
Jeremy wasn't able to attend the fair with us but he did a lot of prep work at home with the girls before the big day.
 Demonstration #1: blowing up a balloon with a bottle/vinegar/baking soda
I love Emma's face in the picture below. She had jumped back when the balloon started expanding ... I'm pretty sure she thought it was going to explode.

 We created a "Volcano in a salsa bottle!"
Kate loved this experiment and always wanted to add just a little more baking soda or vinegar! We used dish soap to helped the bubbles explode just a little extra.

Talking & learning about "happy" and "sad" atoms

Creating our display board!

 Our fabulous display at the science fair! I was proud of the girls...they could explain what a happy and sad atom were AND they could do our experiments all by themselves!
They really are learning!! It's nice to see proof of that on a hard day!

We will definitely be looking forward to future science fairs...if only because we get to wear cute goggles!

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