Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December Daily: Our Christmas

 Christmas Eve crafts

 Games and fun time together
 Preparing for Santa's visit!
It only took them 2 hours to fall asleep & then Jeremy drank the milk that had been left for Santa :) He blamed the straw but I just don't understand what made him grab a cup of milk that had been left out for HOURS!!!
 Christmas morning!!

 We received a trace amount of snow and these girls were not going to let it go to waste! You can't see it in the pictures but they even have snow pants on :)

 This year we started the tradition of the pickle present {an old German tradition} The pickle is hidden in the tree and when they find it a gift is received! We decided to make this gift a family gift and so this year the kids received Yahtzee!

Christmas dinner: turkey, stuffing, carrots, applesauce, rolls, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie & birthday cake for Jesus!

So thankful for sweet family time and for the gift of Jesus!
2012 was a magical Christmas season in the Martin house and I so thankful for all of the extra special things that we have been able to do. 

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