Friday, February 8, 2013

Guilt Free

It's hard to see but what you're looking at is the top of Ziggy's head! It's a big healthy head!
I have always had guilt that I ended up with a c-section with Emma ... I mean women have been giving birth for thousands of years and I couldn't. Most likely unrealistic guilt.
Anyway, my doctor and I had talked about having a V-BAC but then she scheduled me for an ultrasound earlier this week.
Upon inspecting Ziggy's sweet little head we had a heart to heart ... I knew it wasn't good when she said WOW!! after the first head measurement :) then she asked, "does your husband have a big head?" and "do you remember how big your last baby's head was?"
Um, no, but I remember it got stuck & came out with a nice bruise on it!!
So, with kindness she reminded me that having a c-section does not mean failure. Choosing a c-section is what most likely will be best for this delivery, for MY baby and her big head that will grace us in 5 weeks!
I could try for a natural deliver but that most likely would end up in another emergency-ish, c-section like Emma! And I was exhausted after 14 hours of labor and then major surgery. I've been guaranteed that I will not feel as miserable this time and that I might actually remember the day that Ziggy joins us, unlike the day that Emmaline joined us ... I don't remember that day AT ALL!
So, I'm giving up the guilt. I'm thankful that "modern" medicine can get her here safely and I'm going to look forward to holding my sweet girl {and then introducing her to her sweet siblings who are pretty sure she's coming out of my belly button}
No guilt, just a joyful day in March!!

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