Saturday, February 23, 2013

Read Aloud Fun

One of my goals this year {re: school} was to really, in large amounts, increase the amount of reading time that I do with the kids. We are classical educators {as in the schooling of the girls is language-focused - learning is accomplished through words, written and spoken, rather than through images.} As our kindergarten year began I was miserably sick with sweet Ziggy. It makes me feel like our best schooling has been done since January. Recently I discovered a blog that encourages reading aloud. It offers reading lists & encouragement to read to these kids of mine!

So here is our February reading List:
1. Charlotte's Web (audio book - totally counts)
2. Hank the Super Dog (also audio book - we spend a lot of time in the van)
3. Our current audio book is Little Women
4. The Box Car Children & the Mystery Lighthouse
5. At bedtime I'm reading Reed 1 chapter of The Dangerous Journey to Emerald Island
6. At bedtime I'm reading the girls one chapter of The Long Winter
7. We are also about half way through reading Ramona the Pest
This list also doesn't include our Bible study or the picture books that we read, that list is slightly, crazy long. My goal with those books is 3-5 a day. These books focus on our Classical Conversations memory work ... recently they have also focused on Reed's preschool learning.

I feel like we've made huge strides in the amount of reading we are doing. Once the kiddos adjust to the increase in reading we will be adding the classics, books with a little more "meat." For now, we are just working on listening with good manners & also working on some comprehension skills. It's been fun to get my nose in books with these kiddos!

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