Tuesday, February 19, 2013

School Around Here

 We're busy wrapping up our official school year! Isn't that lovely?? Considering we start in July it is only fair that we're almost "done"
We have 6 weeks left of Classical Conversations which is fabulous since Jeremy received a promotion and will be working days now {!!! I'm so proud of him!!!} and I will be taking both "big" girls, Reed & the baby for the last 3 to 4 weeks of CC ... frankly, that sounds um ...  rough!
 We will be finishing our math program before Ziggy is born! So after our lessons are finished we will be playing math games, practicing with our Math-U-See blocks and reviewing our writing/reading of numbers.
 {Jeremy& Kate reading in the "tent"}
Our reading won't stop! The girls are on a roll and reading/writing/spelling is a huge part of our day {a post on our reading coming soon}! I know that even with a new baby we should be able to sit on the couch & read lots of books. I'm keeping our goals simple for the end of March & April but reading cannot stop now!
This little dude has told me he's ready to read so I'm going to follow his lead. I'm prepping his preschool plans, thinking these plans might keep him still for 20 minutes a day! I can't ignore his desire to learn, especially since he sees his sisters doing school work every day, we're going to run with it! "Letters of the Week" will be making a comeback. 

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