Friday, February 1, 2013

Our Weekly Review

Part of our CC memory work this week was learning the highest mountains on each continent. Because I'm slowly learning that Kate learns best with hands on & music we made salt dough maps! Eventually we painted them and then wrote the names of each mountin range. CC always makes me feel like I have SO much to learn!

On Sunday, due to Reed having Influenza B, Jeremy took the girls fishing. I packed them a lunch and off they went for 7 hours of fishing, and fishing stores, and parks and other adventures that I'm sure I didn't hear about! I'm so, SO thankful that he is willing and loves to spend quality time with his kids.
 {above} the stink eye during math... we're working on not giving the stink eye and also NOT rolling our eyes but man it is a constant battle.

 I'm slowly introducing Reed to "preschool" activities. I've wanted to wait until he was a little older, because I hear/have experienced that boys learn a little slower. I've waiting until he is showing interest and that seems to be about now. He will work at the table while the girls are busy with their school tasks. It's been fun to watch him lead the way into learning!
 With so many germs in my house I have tried to get the kids outside every day. Even if it is just for 45 minutes. Here are 2 out of 3 ready for the zip line!! That has been the best Christmas gift ever!! I think this year we're going to ask for a basketball hoop :)
One night this week Reed set up a toy store! Everything cost $2 and the girls could pay with wooden blocks! That's my find of toy store!

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