Monday, February 4, 2013

The "BUMP" Update

How far along:

33 weeks ... only 6 weeks to go because of my scheduled c-section at 39 weeks. I cannot believe that this pregnancy is almost done.

Total weight gain:

I have gained 12 pounds with this sweet girl and frankly it all feels like her. I keep telling Jeremy that she's going to be born at 16lbs! I think I feel this way because she's SO high and I can't breathe or tie my shoes or empty the washing maching without interesting poses!


Now that everyone is healthy {minus me} I'm back to sleeping 8-10 hours a night! It's fabulous. I know that sleep is quickly coming to an end so I'm not going to feel guilty about it.

Food cravings:

  • Cereal:
  • Oranges:
  • Anything Jeremy makes: I'm pretty sick of cooking and if our budget wasn't an issue we would eat out for all three meals, 7 days a week but that would be over $600/week to feed our growing family.


  • Heartburn: I’m wondering if baby girl is going to have hair like a monkey because I’ve had some serious heartburn issues the last week or so. And there’s nothing in particular triggering it. Just heartburn.
  • Nesting: Yep, this again


A sweet baby girl who I think has a name ... at least I'm 89.26526686723% sure she does!!

What I’m looking forward to:

  • My mom & then Jeremy's mom visiting!  So selfishly looking forward to that time.
  • Our baby shower. My Bible Study friends are throwing us a baby shower & the theme ... diapers & casseroles! Because that is about all we need for this baby diapers and quick food when I fly solo three weeks after delivery.
  • Family Pictures!!: We're getting family pictures/maternity pictures taken in a few weeks and I'm super excited. I never had these done with Emma's pregnancy. I'm praying ... PRAYING we capture a few precious moments.
  • Seeing her cute face: I can only imagine her looking like Emmaline so I'm excited to see if she looks different, maybe she'll have blue eyes & red hair :)

What I miss:

Nothing of significance this week…but breathing normally would be awesome

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