Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Look at our Week!

 This little man is working on learning the letter Bb! Here he is building boats out of blocks. He is loving a little school time {which is a little one on one time with Momma} & he is so, SO eager to learn!
 My amazing helper! She jumps to help anywhere so can, including in the kitchen and on 3.16.13 she spent about 8 hours helping her daddy build a shed & proved to me that she knows the name of tools better than I do :)
 It was 80 degrees on Friday so after a morning of co-op, library run and buying groceries for 2 weeks these kiddos were given some time to run in the sprinkler! They successfully made mud and came inside covered, exhausted and having had a blast!
 Looking back over my pregnancy! I do not have a full week left of being pregnant {which is so hard to believe} I'm soaking up the hugs to Ziggy from the girls, the way Jeremy can get Ziggy dancing {or punching} and the hiccups. I'm going to miss her always being safe & snug inside me! The world she is entering, with 3 older siblings, might be a rude awakening for her!
 We try to hit the library every week to get books that go with our CC Memory Work. Right now that is how we expand on our history topics and often times science too.
The girls are also able to find books that they might be able to read on their own or with a little help.
All I can say is that lately I'm so thankful for the library hold shelf so I don't have to search around for much!
 Emma finished up her math for the year! She is so, SO excited!! She doesn't know that we will be adding math back in, in April, but hopefully in a fun way. We can't go from now until July with no math ... that's too, too long for our brains!
 On the 2nd and 3rd Fridays of every month we have co-op classes! The girls {below} are in a music class and are practicing for a musical {that they unfortunately can't be in because we will be in Michigan}. Reed is in a play room that it monitored by moms. I teach/monitor the photography/yearbook class with a bunch of middle & highschoolers. These kids make me feel old! And stretch my comfort zone but it has been a fun experience.
This sweet group of families is becoming very important to us as we readjust our "community." It's about time we put down roots in our local town and not where we were even a year ago!  
We ended our week with a breakfast visit with friends from Kalamazoo, MI! We haven't seen them in about 3 years so it was fabulous to see them!
We're also in crazy baby prep mode ... you know: laundry, cleaning the floors, writing notes down everywhere! Oh and we are also preparing for a 4th birthday celebration tomorrow!!  

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