Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Baby Update

How far along:

37 weeks ... only 2 weeks to go because of my scheduled c-section. Everything looks good for this baby to stay put until back-up {AKA: Grandma} arrives

Total weight gain:

I have gained 18 pounds with this sweet girl. I'm pretty sure I've gained about 8 in just water weight in the last month. I'm so, SO swollen!


8-10 hours a night! It's fabulous and I never want it to end!
Photo taken during our recent family photo shoot!

Food cravings:

  • Nothing: nothing sounds good or is tasting good.


  • Carpel Tunnel: It is the strangest thing ever! And painful. I'm pretty much useless with my right hand. My doctor "thinks" it will go away after delivery but there is a small chance it could stick around & require surgery.  
  • Heartburn: As always
  • Nesting: although it is decreasing as I get more tired. Now just getting daily tasks done is enough to make me need a nap.


A sweet baby girl with a solid name!!!

What I’m looking forward to:

  • My mom & then Jeremy's mom visiting! So selfishly looking forward to that time.
  • Seeing her cute face: I got to see her sweet face on the ultrasound screen this week & it makes me so, SO excited to look at her.
  • Watching the "big kids" meet the baby! The girls especially are so, SO excited & are counting down the days until they can come up to the hospital to meet "sister!" They won't meet her until the day after she is born so that I can be "with it" when they are first introduced to each other!

What I miss:

Nothing ... soaking in the moments of my last {planned} pregnancy!

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