Friday, March 8, 2013

Weekly Recap

Our  weeks are going by so quickly! I don't know if it is because Jeremy is working days or if we're busy trying to get things wrapped up before sweet Ziggy makes her appearance but time could slow down just a little! Between now and the baby's arrival we get to celebrate Reed's 4th birthday, finish our math books for the year & hopefully get a storage shed built and a garden started.

 Saturday I left the kiddos with Jeremy while I headed to a Classical Conversations meeting! We aren't thrilled with our campus this year so we have decided to make the jump to one closer to home for the 2013/2014 school year. The atmosphere is already completely different. VERY friendly! The director has already offered to set up meals for us for the week after the baby is born, and I seriously just met her on Saturday!  
 Kate working on school work while we wait for the doctor! Doesn't that look like the most comfortable chair?! She is still looking so big to me. The kids also got to be in the room during my ultrasound and it was magical! My doctor took the time to show them most of the body parts, the head, face, nose, tummy, leg & hand! They got to watch her heart beat. It made me so excited for the day they get to meet her face to face!
 Lots of reading this week due to massive feet! We brought a blanket outside one day and enjoyed lots of books. I am enjoying being read too. Emma also spent three days of this week writing her own books :) They are fabulous and I feel like I need to keep all of them!
Kate & Reed being spies :)
I'm sure not being able to see gave them awesome spy skills. 
We are down to 5 & 2 math lessons!!!!
I'm really, REALLY hoping we can finish up before the baby gets here. Then we will just play math games and practice what we've learned. 

The discovery of a 3rd loose tooth has this girl pretty excited!
I can't imagine her with a top tooth gone. Unfortunately, it is looking like she will need braces, the new teeth coming in are moving everything around ... skip the college fund - here comes the orthodontics fund!
& a week wouldn't be a week without gymnastics!

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