Monday, March 18, 2013

He's 4 ...

This sweet "baby" boy is 4 years old today.
We were not there to cherish the moments of his birth but I will never forget that Friday in June when we met for the very first time!
He stole my heart ... a true Momma's boy!

 Smothered by girls from the moment he joined us!
It hasn't gotten any better but he has learned how to hold his own against those sisters os his!

 This picture {above} was taken on the day we found out he would be FOREVER our son!
That was a fabulous day!!

 At four he:
-loves Buzz and McQueen
-thinks super heros are AWESOME
-enjoys mud and puddles and any other way that he might be able to get dirty
-he loves riding his bike down our sidewalk and banging into our front door
-favorite foods are: baked chicken, pancakes, oatmeal & anything chocolate {that trait comes from daddy}
-he adores TV but is limited to a maximum of about 30 minutes a day ... he loathes that rule!
-he loves to read and will sit and listen to many, 5-15 books, in a row

 He is rough and tough and 100% boy
We love him to the moon and back and are hoping that we get to celebrate many, MANY more birthdays!!

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